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FYLL Evaluation Policy - 2017


The situation may arise where there are enough players registered to warrant multiple teams at an age group. When this occurs at 10U Boys, 12U Boys, 14U Boys, 3-4 Girls, 5-6 Girls, or 7-8 Girls, teams must be split according to skill level, within a matrix determined by NVYLL. To determine this, FYLL will hold “Evaluations” for each age group.


Evaluations are essential to assessing player skills and ensuring the best team placement for each player’s growth. 


While attendance at evaluations is a requirement for all players, not an option, we have taken into account there may be potential schedule conflicts. FYLL has adopted the following policy regarding team placement to address this issue:


  • Players attending only 1 session will be evaluated based on performance that day and no additional evaluations will be granted.
  • Players attending none of the scheduled sessions will be automatically placed on the lowest team at the age group.  
  • Requests for further evaluation must be made in writing within 24 hours of team announcements.   
  • The player will then be evaluated during practice by the respective Commissioner along with a Board member(s). 
  • The Commissioner will meet with the FYLL Board to propose a move if he/she believes the player’s skills and abilities actions should be taken to selected committee.  
  • Any adjustments to a higher level team, outside of a players age bracket, will be made upon FYLL Board approval.