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Update on Facemask!

Per The CDC-you are not required to wear a facemask outside if vaccinated. We will not be checking vaccination records.



Fauquier Youth Lacrosse League – Phase 3 Amended Back to Play Plan

Revision 2, updated 2021 03 15

  1. Follow CDC, Virginia and Fauquier County guidelines set forth in the Phase 3 reopening of youth sports.
  2. Follow Fauquier County Parks and Recreation guidelines pertaining to outdoor use of fields.
  3. Definition: Close Contact – is defined as being physically within a distance of 6’ of an individual for 30 minutes (continuous time) or living in the same domicile of the individual that is known to have or being in a testing protocol for the virus  causing COVID-19 within a duration of 72 hours. 
  4. Parents or legal guardians of the players will sign the FYLL COVID-19 Confirmation form attesting to no Close Contact, fever greater than 100.4°F, cough, headache, chills, etc.
    1. If any symptoms above are present, the player it not to attend an FYLL event until such a time the symptoms have not returned for 48 hours. 
    2. If an individual has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they can return with a doctor’s note clearing them for interaction.
    3. If a player or family member contracts COVID19 within 48 ours of attending a FYLL event and is in quarantine protocol, the parents/guardian are not notify the players coach so that FYLL Board can notify individuals that may have come inContact appropriately.  Specific names of those individuals will not be produced per HIPPA requirements.  
  5. Fields
    1. Players are to space themselves apart 6’ when setting up their gear.  Coaches are recommended to set up “cones” to designate placement of gear.
    2. Field meetings are to be spread out in “circles”; no close/tight huddles.
    3. Close contact and interaction are discouraged in Phase 3 Amended  i.e. no handshakes, High-5s, Goalie Rush.
    4. Parents and family groups should be spread out along the sidelines by 6’ and remain 6’ off the sidelines.
    5. Closer contact of dissimilar family units requires a face covering over the mouth and nose.  This can be a cloth covering, clear face shield or similar.
    6. Coaches, players, Referees maintain a distance of 6’ from the scorer’s table.
  6. PPE
    1. FYLL understands that face coverings are not required by Virginia Emergency Statute if that individual has a medical condition not allowing that individual to be able to wear a face covering.  It is also an understanding the family domicile units do not have to have face coverings per Third Amended Virginia Executive Order. 
    2. FYLL assumes that if an individual is not wearing a face covering, that they have a medical condition and per HIPPA requirements, FYLL will not ask that individual of such a condition.
      1. Additionally, per VA Executive Order 72, section II.E.  The individual does not need to carry nor produce such medical documentation. 
    3. FYLL assumes that the individual not wearing a face covering will take all appropriate precautions interacting with players, parents and spectators to assist in the efforts to not spread COVID-19.
  7. Players
    1. Lacrosse gear cannot be shared between players during practices, clinics, scrimmages, and games.  This includes goggles, helmets, gloves, shoulder protection, etc.
    2. Face coverings are not required to be on players during practices or games.
    3. Goalie gear provided by FYLL to the coaches can only be used by one individual per day.  If multiple goalies are required per event, multiple sets of equipment must be available.  FYLL will do its best to accommodate these needs but it is not guaranteed. 
      1. After practices, goalie gear can be cleaned with antiviral cleaner for the SARS COV2 virus and left to rest for 24 hours or it can be left to “air out” for 72 hours before being used by another player.
    4. Food and drinks are not to be shared between players.  Including but not limited to the following: water jugs, bottles, food, coolers, etc. 
    5. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to send hand sanitizer with the players.
    6. BE SELF AWARE – if you do not feel well, do not attend the event.    
  8. Coaches
    1. Are required to wear a face covering when interacting with players and parents on the field and sideline with-in 6’ of individuals. 
    2. Recommended that drills be organized in a manner to keep players spaced 6’ apart.
    3. Team instruction is not to be in huddles but open “circles”.
    4. Recommended to utilize cones to set up the sideline area for player staging to keep them 6’ apart during down time, player transitions into the game, etc.
    5. BE SELF AWARE – if you don’t feel well, don’t attend the event.  
    6. REMEMBER – this has been a trying time for all individuals in the FYLL family.  Keep it loose, FUN and SAFE.  Keep your demeaner calm and understanding.  If any concerns develop during an FYLL event, reach out to your Commissioner and/or err on the side of caution. 
  9. Games – Scrimmages
    1. Draw for the girls’ game and face off for the boys’ game are allowed.
    2. Limit all body contact as best as possible.
    3. See 2021 NVYLL Power Point for specific rules changes for both girls’ and boys’ game this year.
  10. Injury or Illness on the field
    1. Players will be dealt with by the coach or designated FYLL volunteer with the proper PPE.
    2. If a player is not feeling well or sick, they Parent/Guardian will be asked to remove the player for the FYLL event. 
  11. Games – Central Sports Complex Turf Field
    1. All FYLL players to provide a Signed FYLL COVID Waiver upon arriving for the game.
    2. Opposing team will provide a signed COVID Waiver upon arriving for the game.  This may be the FYLL waiver or the visiting NVYLL Club waiver.  Documents may be left at the scorer’s table or handed to the FYLL coach for records.
    3. Fans can watch the games from the opposite sideline from the players.  Based on the size of Central Complex, there is no planned limit to the number of individuals that can watch a game.   


This document is not a legally binding document and is not meant to construe such a measure.  It is based on the best practices learned by FYLL, Third Amended Executive Order 72, CDC and VA Health Department recommendations and Fauquier County Parks and Recreations requirements.  


Updates will be provided at the discretion of the 2021 FYLL Board and as needed to meet the latest Virginia and Fauquier County governmental directives. 


Should there be any questions related to this document, reach out to Eric A. Russell, FYLL 2021 Chairman at 540-326-2863 or .   


FYLL Point of Contact – Phase 3 Amended

Eric A. Russell, FYLL Chairman 2020-2021